The PeerEx Launchpad

The PeerEx Launchpad is the premier community oriented IDO platform for upcoming independent projects launching on the Binance & Ethereum Smart Chains. At PeerEx Launchpad, our mission is to give power back to the community. It’s the first community owned Launchpad where PERX holders will benefit by investing in the initial stages of the projects being featured.

For projects launching on the PeerEx Launchpad, funding can be well assured as evidenced by the vibrant PeerEx community & by our strategic partners. The growth of this ecosystem will further benefit our networking & marketing capabilities tenfold.

PeerEx Launchpad will bring the power of cryptocurrency back to the community by providing a unique opportunity for PeerEx Holders to invest at the very early stage of featured projects.

The current launchpads in existence suffer due to very basic flaws. They are based on a first come, first served basis, where as on PeerEx Launchpad we will follow a simple distribution system based on the following details. This makes investing simple for our community members.


Seed Investors

PERX holders in the top 50 holders’ count. Top 50 PERX Holders & active members of the community.

Private Sale

1. 70% allocated for PERX holders. The top 200 PERX holders will get access to it immediately.

2. PERX holders outside the top 200 will need to participate in social media activities and complete tasks assigned to qualify.

3. SPY holders who are holding a minimum of 500 SPY will be eligible to participate in the private sale. In total, 30% of the allocation of the private round will be reserved for SPY Holders.


PeerEx holders will have access instantly.

Non-PERX holders will have to take part in social media activities to qualify

Token Distribution

Graf round

Total Supply: 305000000
Circulating Supply: 257000000

Contract address



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